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About DawaHome

DawaHome is an online home furniture shopping store that offers consumers superior quality and low prices, whether it's for living room furniture, bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture, balcony/ patios/ garden/ outdoor furniture, or comfortable office furniture and more than 5,000 items. We have multiple warehouses in the U.S. for fast shipping and delivery, as well as convenient return and exchange services and 24/7 support services to make your shopping hassle-free.




A good-enough set of furniture can make a lot of difference in user experience and home style - that's the magic of stylish furniture.
    Precious memories that last a lifetime always happen next to dining table chairs or living room furniture, which is why we are truly committed to choosing our beloved furniture.
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Address: Room 1701, Building 4, JunlinTianXia, ShengLi Road, XiangCheng District, ZhangZhou City, Fujian Province

Company: ZhangZhou Dawa Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd.